The Flagler Corporation has been engineering and manufacturing roll forming machinery since 1949.  Along with a complete line of standard equipment for the HVAC and the Metal Construction Industries, Flagler also builds special lines for customer specific applications.

We pride ourselves on our unmatched level of customer support.  This is shown through our knowledgeable manufacturing team, servicemen and support staff.  Our spare parts inventory of over $1,000,000 is stocked in our manufacturing facility located in Chesterfield, Michigan.   

Customers can be assured that if they need technical assistance or parts for their Flagler machine they will get the support they need and deserve.

The Flagler Corporations’ new 25,000 square foot facility, located in Chesterfield, Michigan was designed and built specifically for manufacturing of equipment for the metal forming industries. This new facility with its efficient manufacturing methods and its large capital investments in new CNC machinery has enabled The Flagler Corporation to remain competitive in today’s global economy.  We combine CNC lathes, milling centers and the latest in CAD/CAM technology combined with our engineering "know-how" to provide our customers with the best roll forming machines.  As a result we continue to offer the highest quality machines at the best prices on the market.  At Flagler our goal is to continue to provide our customers with the high quality equipment and service that thousands of Flagler customers have come to rely on.  We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with our customers and distributors.

The Flagler Corporation provides the experience and technical support to meet the roll forming equipment needs of their customers.  We invite all inquires from the smallest to the largest.  

Made In The USA Since 1949

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